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Hatching Eggs. Mates rates.

My four Ancona hens are laying extremely well. I'm getting three or four eggs from them most days. I've got two lots of their eggs in the incubators right now and they seem to be pretty fertile. The first batch is due to hatch next weekend and I really don't need anymore.
I'm very impressed with the laying power of these beautiful birds and rather than just selling the eggs at the gate for eating, I was wondering if any of my fellow chicken nuts fancied a go at hatching some?
I want 2.50p a dozen for the eggs plus post at cost.

100% fertility, even after going through the postal system too.  

I think that you'll find that they'll knock spots off Exchequer Leghorns. I can't work out why they aren't more popular. These days LF Anconas are a real rarity. I was pretty lucky to get them.

I'm getting a full house most days from the Leghorns and egg size is slowly  increasing  between 60 -70 g now.

Just candled the Welsummer 5/8 for yours (I think) that includes the very dark one, only 3/8 for my untried Gold Duckwing cock which is slightly worrying.

....but back to the Anconas....really looking forward to them hatching

I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. They laid like the clappers when I got them last year and are going like trains again now.

Are they white egg layers Bodger?

And how is the cockerel?

I have to say your Light Sussex cockerel is one of the pleasantest birds Ive met - no nonsense at all from him.. When you said this to me when I got hatching eggs from you, I thought, 'yeah right' as every one Ive had (bar one) has been a total git!

The Ancona cockerel is filling all his eggs but he's most definitely a shy boy and I'm yet to see him do the business. He's got to be doing it with the curtains drawn inside the hen house.

They lay pure white eggs that are just above 60 grammes in weight.

I think that I've been really lucky with my LS, none of them have shown so much as an inkling of having a go at anyone. I wish I could say the same about that damned Welsumer.

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