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I love this stuff, but some of the bought brands can be a bit too 'sagey' for my taste. I decided to make my own this evening, & it really is good  

1lb pork liver
1lb pork shoulder (including any fat)
1 tbspn mixed herbs
1 large onion
Sage leaves (I used 5 fresh ones, but if you don't have any a tbspn of dried would probably do)
Salt & pepper
1/4lb breadcrumbs or rusk
2 eggs

Mix the meat together (I put the meat and the onion through the mincer), add everything else bar the eggs & mix well.

Add the beaten eggs & thoroughly-mix.

Divide into two & place the mixture into a coupleof 1lb loaf tins, then bake in a Bain Marie for half an hour to 45 minutes @ 200C.

Dead easy, & really tasty
Rare one

I can see Bodger trying this one out Woodsmoke (and so will I)  

Hope you do! It really is good  

Yum! Thanks for the recipe

here in Louth EVERY butcher has their own well guarded recipe for haslet i posted quite some time ago now to see if any otg'ers had a recipe they would like to share
Interesting that you do this one like a terrine rather than baked in caul

Caul fat. Now, that's a good idea!

Next time I make it I'm going to try that. I reckon it'll keep it beautifully moist. The only trouble with a Bain Marie is that the top of the dish gets a wee bit dryer than the rest of it unless you remember to cover it  
chicken feed

will be trying this out.

of to the slaughterhouse this afternoon so will get some caul too  

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