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Hare Bolognese

Saw this Jamie Oliver recipe the other day & decided to use up a hare I've had in the freezer for a while..............

Take a couple of large carrots, two large red onions, a couple of celery sticks (optional...........I love it, but Her Majesty won't eat it so I've left it out of mine), two leeks, three bay leaves, a whole bulb of garlic, sprigs of rosemary, thyme & marjoram, & chuck the whole lot in a stock pot. Don't worry about peeling anything as you'll deal with it all at the end of cooking  040.gif

Add a couple of tins of chopped tomatos, a few whole ones too, a pack of dried porcini mushrooms, a pint of stock & a bottle of ale, along with a god slug of olive oil & half a lemon.

Then add your I've said, I've used hare in this, but you could use whatever you like really, as long as it isn't already minced (Jamie used rabbit incidentally, & this would be a brilliant way of both making a small amount of meat go a long way, and introducing it to people who're a bit squeamish about eating rabbit) You also want to add a few rashers of good smoked bacon. I had a streaky end that I was keeping for lardons, so I just chucked that in whole............

Grate in half a nutmeg, & bring the whole lot to a gentle simmer. I haven't bothered with any photographs as you already know what a pot of stuff boiling looks like whistle.gif

Apparently this needs to be kept at a simmer for 12 hours or so, before the meat is teased from the bones & the onion & garlic skins removed. The vegetables can then be crushed using your hands (apparently, Marigolds are recommended) Then the whole lot can be thoroughly-mixed, & portioned into bags for freezing.

Still got a way to go, but so far it smells bdooly lovely!

Apparently Jamie's recipe will provide about 14 portions..........I reckon the hare will give at least 20, so that's plenty for the freezer too

I'd like to know had fiddly the removing of veg skins and meat from bones is after cooking?
I assume the whole thing will be poured through a sieve or colander then dissected. Sounds tasty though.

Cooking in Marigolds, ah! I remember it well....
When I was younger I wouldn't tocuh liver so used to wear rubber gloves - now I'm butchering pigs!  

It sounds lovely - never had Hare (bald as a coot, me   )

bigphil wrote:
I'd like to know had fiddly the removing of veg skins and meat from bones is after cooking?

Looked pretty easy, mate. It wasn't stirred, so the veg' doesn't break up as it cooks. He just squeezed the onion & garlic out & the skins came away no problem. I guess by the time they've finished cooking they're just a pulp inside?

Tell you this evening though  

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