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Hardys Fishing Museum and Factory Shop

We popped into Hardys the other day while we were visiting the town of Alnwick. It was well worth it, both for the history and for the innovative fishing tackle that was on display there.
Here are a few pictures.

They had this facility so that prospective purchasers could try out their new fly fishing gear.

Inside. A fishermans fantasy.

Generations upon generation of Hardys making and selling top the very cream of fishing tackle.

The cutting edge ! Now have a look at this little baby. A reel made from titanium for the fisher person who has to have the best. At a little over 5000, the chap in the shop told us that you could drop it in the sea and that 30 years later, if you could find it, it would be as good as when it went in. If its such a good bit of kir, why you'd want to chuck it into the briney, I've no idea.  

We were told that they'd got 26 of these pre ordered before they even officially went on sale. Apparently, its not uncommon for the well heeled to come into the shop and fork out as much as 50,000 for the coming fishing seasons tackle. I forget how much we paid out, but it certainly had a lot of zeros.

Not even a fly just because you visited?

Sounds like a great visit. Very nice photos.

Not quite on the scale of this Jim.


It's pretty handy but dangerous being about an hour away...

My brother donated his archery black bear to them which is on display.

I could spend some serious money there. I was frightened of being stopped by customs the last time we visited.

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