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Hard Times !

'Hard Times' or should it be  'A Tale of two Cities'  "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times ?"

Time were hard for the ladies and reluctantly they had to pack their bags and leave their stately home in the country and move to the confines of a small and cramped flat. Oh how the mighty had fallen.
Seriously though, like everyone else, I've had to move my chickens indoors away from wild birds and hopefully the threat of avian flu.
The pullets seem to be coping pretty well so far in their cramped conditions but its far from being ideal. They've gone from living in a large grass run to a small breeze block pig sty. Apologies for the rain drop on my camera lens in the picture of the cockerel, its persisted it down here all day.


Better safe than sorry

Looks like a palace John.
Mine are a bit more crowded I afraid and the sheds are looking a bit sh*ty but I can't do much without the birds getting out.  

Its a right pain, especially when I've recently paid out stacks for those two new runs.

Ours are looking a bit shitty too, but if I try to clean them out they get so frightened they are running/flying into the walls , perches etc, it's just not good for them but I guess better than to alternative

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