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Happy Snappy.

I love our away days and of course, with the forum in mind, the camera always goes with us.

We have thousands of pictures on our photo bucket and many help to recapture memorable moments. As Karen will tell you, I'm not in the slightest little bit technical but I was wondering how easy it would be  these days to make videos of our days out ? What equipment would we need and what price would we  have to pay to buy something that produced reasonable results. I take it that the days of grainy news real like pictures are long since gone.

I used windows movie maker to make this vidoe of our old place

Thats brilliant Sue, the picture of you in your bikini was something else but I was thinking more of a home movie with moving pictures, a cam corder type thing if thats what they still call them.

Ah ok!    :xroll:

Most digital cameras have a movie mode but you would need a good memory stick, or you could get a camcorder, I think they take discs, but then I'm probably behind the times too!

Yeah Bodger depends on how long you want to film and how good a quality movie you want to produce.

You can start down at your 6-8mp camera which some will have rudimentary vdeo and audio capture facility (the latter depending on the make of camera and how old it is). With a 2Gb memory card depending on pictures on card too. Some cameras can produce a reasonable quality of film although more grainy on zoom for some than others and often not as effective at recording on zoom (such as at country shows when recording displays etc) The time you can record for can vary between 20mins-40mins (based on 2GB card with a reasonable number of photos too).

Then you move into your basic digital or DV-camcorder. Some now come these days with mini DVD's that record and burn to the DVD as you record (last between 60-90mins depending). Or the alternative being running on memory card - typically SD card, this is where a 16Gb+ card is a good investment. Need to explore the possibility with a good camera shop even if you buy the same model new but cheaper off ebay later).
These offer better edit, faade and zoom features than a digital camera.

Again depending on make, quality etc. they can start at around 120 ish and go up to 1200-1500.

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