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Happy couple of hours, here aswell.

Its been 39+ degrees this afternoon, and just right for sitting on the patio with a cold beer or two, which is what happened until my mate and his son popped in.

Some years ago I dug a trout pond on our land and stocked it with trout, tench and grass carp to keep it clean.

I have never tried to fish for carp, so off we set, my mate, his son, the missus and I, plus a block of beer.

The floats was bobbing up and down all the time, it was not carp, but these bait thieving little devils.

We must have landed about 20 chub, before the lads rod bent double, wey-up he was into a carp.

It took him about 10 mintues to land a good carp measured 63cm, didn't weight it, as we had forgotten the spring. Caught on soft green wheat.

I gave my rod to my mate and within 20 mintues he was also into a carp, this one was 61cm. Caught on yellow mazie.

After about two hours it started to rain, and we were only catching chub, the beer supply was down at low level so we called it a day.

I was very pleased to see the carp had done so well, I stocked the pond with 50 about 6-7 years ago.

Nice, mate!

I must confess to being a trout, grayling & salmon man through & through.

I had a bash at catching mid-winter chubb a couple of years ago, & found the appeal of catching something you can't eat, in sub-zero temperatures, somewhat lacking    

Had a bash at carp fishing at a commercial fishery one Summer too, & that was almost worse! Sitting by a muddy pond, trying to catch a fish that'd seen more daylight than I had, then chucking it back  

Must be the hunter-gatherer in me, but I just hate putting everything back  

............................Although Jonty will no doubt take great delight in pointing out it's probably due to the fact it takes me so long to get any of the buggers out of the water in the first place  

While I agree with you on the course fishing, sitting at the side of a industrial canal is not my idea of fishing.

My pond is about 25-30 meters wide, 50-60 meters long and about 4 meters deep at deepest point. The first couple of years went fine, then the problems with surface weed started, which hampered the fishing, you spent most of your time taking weed from your fly or spinner.

The only way around this was to put some grass carp in there, and they did the business, after a year or so, the surface was and still is weed free.

The reasonTench have been put in, as you will know they are also called the "Doctor" fish. They keep any sores the other fish might have clean.

Theres nothing like newly caught grilled trout at the pond side, with a bottle of white wine that has been chilling in the pond while you catch your trout.

Must admit I love the idea of my own wee loch  

Have you ever tried eating carp? The Chinese & Eastern Europeans go in for them in a big way. Never tried them myself, but I remember HFW taking one & keeping it in fresh flowing water to get rid of any muddiness.........tasted alright, apparently

Supermarkets in the areas of London with large Jewish communities often have them on the wet fish counter.

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