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Hanging Strawberrys

Having chucked all our strawberries this year as they were older than i am and showing it! I am now looking for recommendations from those with a much better understanding of these things than me!!

The set up is going to be some nice hanging baskets, and about four 8ft lengths of old drain pipe hung from the roof of the green house (just to add another thing for me to bang my head on!!    )

I was thinking of putting a fine layer of gravel, then a sprinkle of hen and rabbit poop, followed by some nice compost and then the strawberry's.

What is the best time of year to plant these? and what would be the most recommended species for greenhouse growing in the North West of Scotland?

Is my planting plan ok? Or will this be too much richness? Should i trim them back, or just let them bush and sprawl?

I'm trying very hard to establish a little compendium of all the knowledge i learn about the plants that suite our climate. Sorry for asking silly questions, but google is no where near a touch on experience and direct conversation!!  

I n NZ it is planting time for them now which is about mid winter. What a lot do here is compost in guttering then plant and cover with netting. We keep runners from each year and plant next year so always have new plants as none over 2 seasons old. other side of the world but may help

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