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Hanging Baskets

Picked up a couple more this morning, couldn't resist...bargain price £2.00 each.
So I picked up a "few"    extra Begonia tubers as well and a few trailing fuchias...

Now I have more baskets than hangers     must go out and get a "few"  more... hangers that is...  

I was really tempted, these half moon shaped baskets, for hanging under the windows..rought Iron type...may have to  sneak them in when OH is out working...  a touch on the pricey side......

Baskets look very nice when full of flowers

Never find any bargain baskets like that here   nice one Diggindeep  
Grandma Bodger

Jake [son] has brought me a bag of moss from the fields to put in the hanging baskets etc, just hope the birds don,t rag it all before I get soil and plants in  

Haven't got any Spagnum Moss, but the same store was selling mats made of cotton and other materials...for 0.59p...can't resist a bargain...

Finally put the baskets together today. Added a trowel full of farm yard muck and a part handful of growmore to the compost mix. They are now hanging in the G/House.
With added protection....a simple carrier bag,(Clear type) as a cloche, pushed the chains through the middle of the bag, dragged the bag down over the basket. Tied and sealed top and bottom.
Can still be water from the top..occasionally ,as and when needed...but extra protection from frost...
Tried this before over the years with good results so far....fingers crossed He says .        As I have no heat in the G/House  It will all work well this season...can but try...  

Thanks for the carrier bag tip  

The Begonias are now popping their heads through the soil, carrier bags removed...Yes I know the old saying...Don't cast a doubt till May is out...will just have to keep alert as to the weather forecasts.
Lobillias are now potted on ready to add to the baskets, just before they go out.

Planters and tubs are also doing well.They will be flowering a little later as I have mainly used Dahlias and peonies, along with gladiolas, trailing fucias.
Must look around for a few more different plants to add...  What do you suggest...?

I not started with tubs and hanging baskets, as we are still having night frosts -3-4 degrees.

Looks like it might be a "buy in" year.

Listened to the forecast earlier, looks like we've got the frosts coming back for the weekend, Thurs' and Fri' onwards....
back to protecting them...

till may is out is that the month of may or the may blossum bit of a controversal topic in my village at the moment but up here we dare not plant out until 1st week in june same with a cold g/house

why not try lobelia both standard and trailing i go for the blue and white just fills the basket just right  or trailing becopia hangs down sometimes as much as 2ftin white ,yellow mauve try to get the larger flower head

 will do GL, also looking for trailing Verbena

Digindeep wrote:
†will do GL, also looking for trailing Verbena

I would love to see a photo!

Rena wrote:

I would love to see a photo!

Another month or so before they will be in flower Rena, this is only the prepping stage at the moment..

See what can be done as and when the time comes, if I remember

Four out of six baskets have now been hung around the conservatory. Yep I know its still a little early, but I could hardly move in the G/H, other two are to be hung out by the front door, not so sunny that side as yet as its northerly facing.
All are still very green but seem to be growing well. Should we get a frost warning, its only a mater of taking them back down to the G/H.
All the planters seem to be coming along nicely, so far have not had to protect them. Fingers are now crossed..
Looking forward to some sunny weather and to see them flower.

How are your planters/baskets doing?...

Digindeep wrote:

How are your planters/baskets doing?...

I haven't started with anything yet this year so it's either going to be a minimalistic year or the garden centre is going to do very well out of me

Oh! no Kaz...if you have got the baskets and some compo, why the heck pay their such prices...when such places as supermarket are offering trays of up to 15 even 20 plants for £2.00 and even 3 for 2..

All mine, 6 so far, max £6.00, count all the tubs/planters £12-15 max...

Hate to advertise, Morrison's are offering some great stuff at the moment, cheap enough not to worry about growing from even seed.

Well worth a trip to your local S/market and shopping around...

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