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Handcrafted gifts from rural France

We have at last (nearly) finished our website!  There are a few more photos to go on, and we will (obviously) be adding more things as we make them.

We also have a facebook page 'Cadeaux de La Forge', so if you like our website and our crafts, perhaps you could 'like' us on Facebook too?

Many thanks

Chris (& Martin)

Looks like you've a nice start! Hope all goes well and I'll hop on over to check your FB page.

Wow, there are lots of things that I like very much
Will have to think very carefully what I would like to order
Good Luck with your fantastic new venture

Thats a really good start!
As the mother of a fanatical woodturner can I suggest that you name the species of wood used?  Kie will make a selcection of say, candlesticks and will mark on the base 'yew' or 'elm' or whatever.
If he is doing a show and someone takes an interest he'll comment that the wood was sourced from the bank of the River Camel or from a windfallen beech at St Kew.
People like the story of how the object came to be....

I do like your giftwrapping service, nice idea.  perhaps also some photos of you making objects - always popular.

Good start!  

A nice simple straight forward website.

You may very well be getting an order for a black Lab door topper.

i love the simple easy to use web site but i maybe the only one i was looking for metal objects usually associated with a forge sorry

Sorry about that, good life. It is definitely not intended to confuse - the hamlet we live in is called La Forge, hence the name of our website. Still, maybe one day we will be able to diversify!

I have just received the Cat & Mouse Door Topper that I ordered for a friend's birthday and I am delighted with them   and I am sure she will be too.

Thank you

I am not allowed to order for myself (yet) on account of our impending move...

Ah, that explains it!  I did think you were being ambitious ordering things for your new home while in the midst of moving house.

I am so glad you like them, and I hope your friend does, too.

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