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Half of all the worlds food being wasted!

First of all ? Blimey ! This section of the forum hasn't been in action since October of last year .

According to this report, its been estimated that half the food thats produced in the world ends up being thrown away.
We have populations starving and dying, in light of this information, how can that be? Its to the shame of man kind that this is happening.

we too just heard this on the radio.......the developed world being the culprits......the rest don't have enough to eat
we're all guilty of over buying etc but we're quite chuffed at the way we have actually managed to reduce our wastage quite considerably......i shop much differently and am particularly careful of supermarket multibuys which often are not the bargains they appear to be

Waste what waste none in our house 2to4 humans, 3dogs,3 cats, 4pigs,1chicken, compost. We pick up waste food for our pigs most is prep food some is over prepare food but they can't afford to run out I guess.

I think a lot is because of trying to keep prices up so some is plowed in that I know of too.

That's shocking, I heard it on R4 on the way back from school. I cant abide wasting food and very very rarely throw away anything. It helps having dogs and chickens and a big compost heap but really I just dont buy enough to waste it. I have a friend who appears to have some sort of OCD and buys trolley fulls of stuff and chucks most of in the bin after its sat in her fridge for a week. I just dont understand.Apart from the cost which must be astronomical how can anyone be so wasteful?? Love Lizzie

Also take into account that counties wasting the most amounts of food, are also the same ones with the highest obesity rates.  

LadySlip wrote:
 supermarket multibuys which often are not the bargains they appear to be

You have hit the nail on the head Ladyslip.

To many....... buy 2 get one free. Who's paying for the free one? I'm not so you must be.

I was told as a child nothing is free, everything has a cost, and I still believe that today.

I hate waste - I've always thought it's obscene to be throwing food away while children in other countries are starving.

My most imaginative meals are normally at the end of the week when I open the fridge and have one of those 'Hmmmm... what can I make with what's left' moments.

I left the slow cooker on this morning with all the veg that were left, a stock cube, some chopped basil and a tin of tomatoes. I shall have that when I've done the neddies with some grilled streaky bacon, and I'm fighting the temptation to throw some dumplings in for the last 20 mins!!

I'll blitz the leftover veg casserole for soup tomorrow.

My BIL won't eat reheated or rehashed food and it horrifies me to see what's scraped into their bin every day

its funny isn't it, when you rear and grow your own (or know those that do) you are a lot more unwilling to waste it than when you just pick up a bag of uniform carrots in the super market - you know the effort that goes into it!

I've not reared my own food Debbie, but I'm a meat eater with a conscience - I believe that if an animal has had to die to feed me, then the least I owe it is not to waste any of it.

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