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I know most people like going to the hairdressers but I am not one of them - anyway - 22 for a wet cut - is quite a lot I think for down here for someone like me. (not knocking it, people have to make a living and the salon has to take its cut)  Always bit of a problem for me as have to book in advance or take your chance - and as I only go into town once in a while and a hairdresser is not always available when I do, months and months can go by (and usually do - last time was between christmas and new year ) before I get my hair cut.  Anyway, was recommended to a local girl who does mobile hairdressing.  Cost me 8.50 for a restyle in my own kitchen - no 45 mile round trip - no hard sell of Desisgner hair products and she didn't even mind the goslings in the corner!  Bargain.

We have at least 12 hairdressers in our nearest town which is 7 miles away and I pay 8 for a trim whenever necessary - no gimmicks, no frills, no hardsell

More like 65 here for a cut    I've not been to a hairdresser (oops, sorry hair 'designer') for years - My daughter cuts mine, I cut the OH's and my daughters gets a friend to cut hers.

I expect Gok Wan, would have have a challenge with any of us, do I care ??      

I cut the OH's hair and the kids

I hate having to go to the hairdresser myself and I actually cut my own fringe and occassionally get someone to cut the ends for me at 7 for a dry cut

And they actually can find people that will pay L65 for a cut?  That's darn near $100! Cripes, I don't pay that much for a highlight and cut.   Please don't let them know here.

last time I had a colour and cut (bout 2 years ago) it was near 80 and that was cheap

I do OH's with the clippers - No 2 all over

I wash my hair, let it dry and drop into a hairdresser where you queue for an appointment and get it done for 12.95. That's gone up 2 in 6 years.

Down the street the payment is between 18 and 25 which is far too much.

I always get a "wet cut". I loathe the hairdressers and their stupid inane blatherings so i like to get in and out as quickly as possible. Luckily I have a short hair style and it is mercifully quick! I then go home and wash it again to get all the goo out and dry it myself. Cosy 11 which is O.K. Love Lizzie

OH and I 'do' each others with clippers, he has the shortest cut, I have the longest. We've saved a small fortune over the years  
And he never asks me where I've been for my holidays  

I had long hair all my life but 18 got bored of putting it in a pony tail or plait every day and had it cut short after years of refusing to go to the hairdresser if there was even a sniff of anything stronger than a light trim.

I sought out and went to a really good hairdresser and although I did gulp a bit at 30-40 the result was amazing so it was money well spent on my initial nervousness.

Then because my damn hair grows so fast I found 6-8 weeks became every 4 weeks to maintain it - my hairdresser was always shocked at the length I gained in 4 weeks and finally I got sick of what was nearing 40-50 (my senior stylist eventually became the owner/director and I couldn't afford the director charges and they couldn't really get away with continuing to charge less in front of the other customers) and I finally let my hair grow out again until today, it is the same full length curtain of dark hair I had as a girl.

(Although a lot more dry and need of a regular trim of the split ends (and quite a few more white hairs than I can be bothered to dye out - I found my first one on my 18th birthday and today my charming nieces point out I have more white hairs than their 10 year older mother)).  

I however cut trim polidori's hair (he has full length hair to challenge my long locks). I really need to find someone to cut mine as I can always find something more important than justifying the 8 necessary for a hairdresser  

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