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Rick & Carol


Sadly Gwilym was run over sometime last night. Whoever did it had picked him up and left him by the house wrapped in a towel so I think he must have run from here across the road and couldn't have known very much about it. He's now buried in the field and we're feeing hollow.

We had the same thing with Myfanwy a year ago, we live close to a busy road but we need cats to keep the vermin down. They both lived fast and died young, working animals but dearly loved

Big hugs to you from all here furry and not We feel for you  

Very sad.

So so sad for your loss.

I've had 2 cats run over here, and they were left in the road for other cars to drive over    I'm glad your driver was caring enough to stop and check Gwylym and move him to the side.

Sorry to hear this.  

What a shame   Poor Gwilym - it looks as though he had a cosy life!

So sorry  

How sad - so sorry :(

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