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Guinea fowl eggs again ?

Mmmmmmmmmmm !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How can I explain this one to my wife ?
Having put my incubators away for the season, following my failure with the duck eggs last week, how do I explain to my wife that I'm getting them out again?
I've just got home from buying a dozen fencing posts from our local agricultural merchants and the owner has given me fifteen guinea fowl eggs. I ask you, how could I say no to such a generous offer ? It would have been rude to have refused.
I'm pretty sure that guinea fowl take 28 days to hatch, so that's another 28 days of that whirring sound in the kitchen. Karen is going to be over the moon.
Yorkshire Geordie

Wow, well done!
If you need any info on Guinea Fowl then this link tells lots:-
I'm sure Mrs Bodger knows you by now and won't mind a few weeks more noise!    

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