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With the weather being naff Sunday morning, I made a loaf shaped lemon drizzle cake and a couple of dozen ginger biscuits.

There is nothing left....

I guess that's the price to pay when two blokes live in the house, snatching stuff every time they walk past!

Me - 'Where the heck did all the biscuits go??'..staring at the lonely ones in the bottom of the tin...

Mr Dingbat - 'I only had a couple!'
Dingbat Jnr - 'so did I!'

Still, I guess I can take it as a compliment!


Our sons mother in law sends us a home made lemon drizzle cake from time to time, which is absolutely delicious but not particularly good for the diet, so maybe, just maybe, your men folk were thinking of you when they scoffed the lot !  

Its not just the male members of families that eat all the good stuff! My daughters would regularly devour whatever was in the tin one week, but then leave 1\2 the following week!

At least its all getting eaten and not going stale or mouldy at the bottom of the tin  


Our family are all grazers   any food seen must be grazed  

What biscuits?

Mine all disappears and I can only blame myself !!

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