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Grout ?

We've just had a new ceramic tiled floor laid. The chap whose done it, has left copious amounts of grout all over the tiles. anyone know how to clean the tiles off ? Its a bit of a mess at the moment. If we mop them, they look clean until they dry again.

wait till its dried of after mopping then wipe over it with a dry cloth  it'l leave dust but you can sweep that bit up  

It might take a couple of going over with the mop and dried cloth till its all up

Thanks - that can be Bodgers job tomorrow

My OH says a green nylon scourer and a large tub of elbow grease should do the job  

clean sawdust and a cloth always seems to work for me, mind you the grout has gone pretty hard by now should have done it straight away
green man

If it's a floor grout it may be a cement based product, you can get a cement stain remover from the builders merchant if the elbow grease fails- but try it on a test area first and keep it to the tile surface. I just hope he hasn't used an epoxy grout product. known in our house as poxy grout.

Find the bag and read the instructions?

Stuff that lark Bodge, get him back to sort it!!!!!

Alun has just done our kitchen floor, and i had to go over it to get off excess grout......i used a metal scourer, you know the ones that dont leave bits of metal in your fingers.....

it does leave a sort of black mark, which i panicked about, but some flash and a mop over and all was clear......the grout was really easy to remove, it felt a bit gritty like sand, but came off easy.


been tiling for years...dry cloth or large dry car type sponge..only way..
if its been left a while use a stanley knife blade..hold at an angle and scrape the area to be ever time...promise...
never keep wetting the area ..all you do is spread it more..

Many thanks to my mate Hawkeye whose just left our house after grouting the second phase properly.

Cheers mate.

Given Bodges health I thought it said 'Gout'.
Was thinking poor old lad were suffering joint pain in his poorly foot as well!

Think you're wrong there Phil.
He's only a pain in one place and it's a bit higher than his foot. :pottytrain2:  

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