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Grouse camp

Just got back from eight days at grouse camp. Great time of year to catch up with friends I don't see often enough and share some good times in coverts and camp.  Thought I'd share a few photos.

Grouse numbers seemed to be way down this year and we flushed / shot less than 50% of normal years.  Woodcock numbers seemed to be on average.

My friend JC with his 8 month old English setter with her first pointed and retrieved grouse.  She had a great week at camp and has a lot of potential.

I didn't take many pictures in the field but have a bunch of us relaxing and eating.  A few lunch stops during the week.


Some interesting training areas on the military reservation where we hunt...

What tired bird dogs do after the first day in camp...


Looks like a wonderful way to spend a week.

Top notch sir...i could definatly handle some of that
Dave C

Nice pics and good write up


Just brilliant Jim.

Fantastic photo's and I just love the English Setters  - probably my second favourite breed of dog (sorry a dane will always come first with me but for a proper working dog it would be an English)

Now that would be great fun    

Great pictures Jim.  Tell me, is the high vis orange a legal requirement when hunting in the US?

Tell me, is the high vis orange a legal requirement when hunting in the US?

It varies from state to state.  In New York state it's not a requirement.  We were hunting on a military base that requires a blaze hat and vest.  Due to the thick cover grouse and woodcock like, we always wear a blaze vest and hat for safety.

Appreciate all the comments on the photos.

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