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Grey Wagtails

Karen and I had surprise visitors to the garden this morning. They took the form of a pair of grey wagtails who were taking advantage of the wildlife pond that we've created. Not only were they first one's that we've had visit the garden but they're also the first one's that I can recall having seen in the area.
I was quite surprised just how much bigger they appear to be than the more common Pied Wagtail. Seeing them has set me up nicely for the day.


One of the rewards of creating something to help our wildlife.
Yorkshire Geordie

Wagtails must be one of the few species that are not currently in decline.
We had a visit from a pied wagtail the other day:-

I remember a Ladybird ABC book that was a birthday present in 1952 which said, "W is for wagtail, a neat, pretty bird".
When I'd learnt to read I read that as "W is for wagtail, a preat, nitty bird"
Spoonerisms at 5 y.o.


I saw my one and only pair of yellow wagtails in Herefordshire a few years ago. Now they were something else. They're fantastic looking birds. Up until then, I'd always mistaken the grey wagtails for them.

We had yet another new visitor to our wildlife pond yesterday morning. This time it was a heron. We deliberately decided from the outset not to put fish in our pond, so he or she was a welcome visitor.

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