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grey squirrel

did you see in the paper where a man was taken to court by the RSPCA for drowning a grey squirrel and fined 1,500..he was prosecuted under the 2006 animal welfare act.the RSPCA spokesman said drowning grey squirrels couses unnessary suffering,the only humane methode is to take it to a vet to be put down.
is it me or has the world gone mad.the judge must have been dropped on his head at some point,this in my view shows up the RSPCA for what they really are.

lol...yup it makes you wonder...

drowning a squirrel doesnt sit well with me....but there are many other ways like shooting/trapping etc that will do the job as effectively as a vets injection [without the cost]...

that said at least they didnt endorse using a captive bolt on them!!


Its the unecessary cruelty aspect that got him prospecuted. There are quicker (ie more humane )and more obvious ways of getting rid of vermin. If it was causing him a regular problem a squirrel trap would have been quick and clean with no case to answer

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