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matt the rat

Grey Squirrel Poll

I've just picked up (this) story from google.

It seems that there are some rabid antis voting like mad on there to stop the control of grey squirrels.

If you can vote in favour of culling, and publicise the poll on other forums etc it would be good.

Yes, culling the Grey's is justified, and so I have voted accordingly.

The Greys are just verminous, immigrant, tree and crop damaging pests ( although they're not bad in a casserole :chef:  )


My personal view is that they cause so much damage in my garden and eat my vegetables which is why I want rid of them.  

Better a proper organised cull than the job being done badly by people who don't know what they're doing but think they do.
Duane Dibbley

matt the rat

We are loosing this one badly.

If there is anything that anyone can do to help promote the cause (like posting elsewhere) then please do.

We also now have a rabid anti on there posting protectionist propaganda!

Unfortunately, you'll always get the fluffy bunny hugging types in matters such as this who can't or won't see the damage these vermin cause.

I voted last night for the cull as I live in northumberland and shoot them with the air rifles


Angus and Fiona MacMillan. Related bunny huggers?

get rid of 'em...........................voted accordingly

I can't say i am that fond of the little fekers. Trying to prune big Sycamore with half its bark missing is not much fun. That said, my male Gos (Adolf, he was German and full of malice!) loved them Certainly kept the feed bill down. Not bad braised in Oxtail soup after a night in brine  either.
liverpool pete

horrible gray tree rats
don't those anti's know what diseases those vermin carry  

For similar reasons to vote has been entered.....Tree Rats are  

I'm going shooting them tomorrow 1st light.   I'll put my name down.

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