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greenhouse advice?

Hi guys, hoping to get some advice,,,,,
I'm moving soon and our new house has a greenhouse!!!!!! I'm excited.

Some of the glass panes have smashed. We've decided swap some of the bad for good, but that will leave us with a few panes and a doors worth of of glass still missing.
I had a little look and I can see springs and clips all over, it looks intimidating  
I've looked for replacement panes but keep coming up with plastic panes.

Can I replace with these? Will the clips/ springs work with plastic? And should I buy extras of these.

I've been told the panes are " standard" size, but will measure it all this weekend to be sure.


hiya yes you can use plastic to replace glass but it does have a tendency to blow out in strong winds and also to yellow ,if you can get glass its probably better to use that ,as for re using the clips yes providing they do retain their springiness and the replacement pane is the same thickness ,in all fairness its always nice to have a few spares   for eventualities and they are not overly expensive  .actual green house glass should not be to expensive to replace .
on a further note a greenhouse REALLY does increase what you can grow but they are never big enough , enjoy and let us know how you get on with it
brummie nick

Its probably best to get new clips & springs they are  standard  for any make of green house,If you have a 'Wilkinson shop near you they stock them.

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