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Green energy source?

Surely there must be some way to harness the power created by labradors tails? Ours NEVER stop, and create quite a draft. Would it be wrong to tie something to it.......?

I've wondered about that too mate! And we have a tailed-spaniel as well as a lab'.................I reckon we could probably halve our bill at least if there was some way to exploit it  

Not to mention the gas potential

Well, we do get the warmth.................

Apparently a dog has a bigger carbon footprint than a 4X4

We have long toyed with the idea of a large hamster wheel dynamo powered by our Jack Russell. And they could power schools with a sized up version filled with 6 year olds! Love Lizzie

lizzie44 wrote:
And they could power schools with a sized up version filled with 6 year olds! Love Lizzie

I think I just heard Wilberforce turning in his grave Lizzie  

Oh come on Jonty they'd love it! Fill them up with E's and Whizz (well blue smarties and Mcdonalds flurries!) and they'd run for hours. Love Lizzie

I think you may well be onto something with that idea, Lizzie!  

Been done


Justme! Thanks for that!!! Typical of my good ideas - someone else has always had it first! Love Lizzie

I was sorta thinking I might run the Christmas tree with a tank full of electric eels but I've been reluctant as my daughter is on a sushi kick.

Didn't they try the dog powered wheel on Scarey Ruth's Victorian Pharmacy?

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