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Greek Islands?

We've been looking at having a break in March but have found that most places seem to be closed until April. Today our house sitter ( daughter ) has agreed to come in April instead. This will hopefully give us a few more options.
A few years ago, we went to Paxos and had a truly memorable holiday. It was so good, that we went the following year too.
We liked it because of the small villages, the atmosphere and the fact that there wasn't the need to hire a car and travel for hours.
Have any of you had a similar type holiday that you could recommend ? On a different island, whether its a Greek one or not, doesn't really matter, just as long as there's a nice old fashioned harbour to cast my line, then that will do for me. Kaz needs somewhere to have a swim, a bit of a sun and somewhere to read a book. In other words, somewhere nice and relaxing and not too hectic.
Please see what you can come up with for us.

Ooh we love Greek Islands!! Particular faves include Symi,Tilos, Astapalia Crete (south side) ,Karpathos...they are all beautiful in their own way but i would avoid Rhodes or Kos as they are ghastly tourist traps and if you have to fly there  to transfer to the smaller islands dont linger!
Spent many months backpacking but it was a good few years ago now, Love Lizzie

P.S it is still bdooly cold in April sometimes!! If you can be there for Easter they have superb feasts and processions but take a coat and jumper and be prepared to join in! Love Lizzie

Easter is very late this year and the prices also go up, not to mention having to put up with hordes of rugrats off from school.

This is more or less all that I want and just about all Karen saw of me during the day.

My feet getting a fish pedicure in the harbour.


Kyrenia - Northern Cyprus

Not an island, but Cavallino in Southern Italy is absolutely gorgeous. Plenty of handy wee breakwaters to fish from too  

Try the islands in the Ionian.  From what you say you're looking for, Cephalonia (Captain Correlli) or Meganissi would be just up your street.  We do a bit of sailing and chartered a boat out there for a week a couple of years back.  Island hopping between the small bays and harbours is a fantastic way of seeing the area. I spotted some cracking mullet(i think) in a couple of the marinas between the pontoons too

Jonty wrote:
Island hopping between the small bays and harbours

Erm...........not sure dodging the Greek Navy whilst smuggling contraband is quite what he has in mind mate?

My wife and I have gone to Hope Town in the Little Abaco chain of islands a few times.  It is wonderful.  No crime, no worries just pure relaxation.  If you have to be entertained this is definitely not the place to go but if you enjoy peace and tranquility and beautiful scenery I highly recommend it.  We spent our days on deserted islands getting sun where its not meant to be.  Snorkled at the Queen's reef by ourselves and it was like being in an aquarium.  It was wonderful.  Makes you really rethink your priorities and makes you wonder why you are the only person on the island wearing a wrist watch.
Green Rosie

Oi - what happened to a nice gite holiday in Calvados    

TBH though, Greece will be a lot warmer. Friends do Greece - book a flight to Athens and then head off on ferries to the smaller islands and have never had any problems finding decent accomodation. That way they get to find some really quiet non touristy places.

Give Gozo not Malta a Google Bodge.

We've decided on Malta itself for our first visit. A place called St Pauls Bay. Has anyone been there ? Good news or bad ?

Never actually stayed there but I understand from other people that its not bad.  I love Gozo myself, lots of great memorys from there.  You will find the maltese people very friendly towards brits thou.  Hope you enjoy it  

Kalami in Corfu. There's a lovely little villa called the Pink House (, beautiful bay and quiet beaches, not too far from Corfu Town for a little shopping, Kassiopi is down coast for a nice town and beaches but it has a lively night life too.

Kalami is a small village so much quieter and the Pink House is just by the bay. Corfu is quite unique of all the ionian isles, as it has quite a wide flora/fauna and has a mixture of mountainous/greek beach areas, and amongst the more popular towns (which are very bar bound) has lots of traditional villages etc.

April is a lovely time to go even to Kassiopi as its out of season and you'll get a true feel of real life not the tourist experience.

I have to admit that when I visited it was the first and only time I have ever seriously considered upping sticks and moving to somewhere outside of the UK.


The Pink House looks lovely but it doesn't open until May

kaz wrote:
The Pink House looks lovely but it doesn't open until May

Sorry Kaz ahould have said I was using it as one example of the small villages in Corfu, as parts of it sees to be getting a reputation like that of being aimed toward the 18-30 crowd.

There are places that can be hired before May although it's considered their closed season (i.e. not seasonally popular - it's exactly when Gerald Durrell used to like to go, i.e.  out of season), so you may find yourselves getting the authentic island feel instead of the tourist trap one  

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