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I've just had to try to remember what I've done, we've just had pork chops with the best gravy ever. I bought some wild mushrooms for 20p out of the scab wrack yesterday so sauteed them in butter with onions and put a couple of pork chops rubbed with jerk seasoning in the oven. I then went out had a beer and forgot I left the pan on. I returned to caramalised onions and dark mushrooms. The chops were swimming in juice, so juice went into pan with onions and mushrooms along with worcester sauce a bit of hoi sin a litre of veg stock and a half tin of beans left over from dinner. Some salt and pepper and blitzed it, reduced (it just simmered while everything else cooked)until thickish and you've got lovely gravy.
We had it with the chops mash roast tatties brussels and peas. bdooly lovely helped by the fact I was starving  

Nice accident!  

That all sounds very tasty.
I bet that you can never replicate it but come up with some very interesting and tasty experiments.

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