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What about graininess?  It's in focus but the picture quality is odd.  Is it the ISO setting?  It was on high (accidentally).

Zoomed into


Yep, its another of those trade offs! Faster film speed (so higher ISO number) means you need less light to get the image, so you can shoot faster shutter speeds and in lower light but the picure will be more grainy, on film its due to bigger pigment granuals, in digital down to increased electronic noise but the effect is the same.
For photos like those flowers the way I'd do it would be shoot at 200asa (my standard setting on my sSLR) but use the flash even on a bright sunny day as a bit of fill in light.
Grain can have its uses, here are a couple of mine where I've deliberately shot at a high iso and then added some more grain in using software to get the effect I wanted.

I think the grain on this one gives it a bit of a 1930s feel despite been shot on a foggy day in Jan 2008.

and on this one the grain was what it needed to capture the spirit of the place!
Hope this helps,

Oh wow, brilliant photos!  Thanks for you help, it's really useful!      

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