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Got permission to go ratting!

We came back fromScotland last November and its has been a struggle.
However this evening I have been granted permission for rating and vermin control on a fair sized shoot a little ways down the road.
This is our first permission since our return from Scotland and me and the boys are delighted!
They have exictedly gone to bed while I have cleaned the 410 and dropped the cartridges in a bag ready to go tomorrow. Hopefully this is the crack in the door to getting more permissionn and the FAC for deer we have been dreaming of all these years.
Wish us luck.

Good luck Phil and boys  

well done you i no how hard it can be to get the land to go on enjoy

I can't wait for your first report Phil.

Good news...hope it is productive and gets you a foot in the door!!!


Chuffed for you. Be lucky

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