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Dave C

Got eggs pippin

I have eggs pippin  

Had 24 Indian game & 6 Wyndotte bantams in the Incy but got nocked down by 10 after candling.

Anyone else still hatching ??

popped a few Cream Legbar eggs in over the weekend.I'm going to add a few quail in a couple of days time as the boy next door would like  to start keeping a few.( he's promised me his mum has agreed to it !!! )

Good luck with the hatch.

I've just had a hatch yesterday and overnight.
RIR x L Sussex (Bodger's)
20 out of 24 hatched, 1 died, so I have ended up with 19 healthy ones.  
Dave C

Well done,

I have 7 out so far but sounds like plenty of life in the other eggs as well  

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