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GOS Boars for Sale.

January GOS boars for sale.
I have eight Patrick boars for sale. Birth notified and can be registered. I can't keep any because I have their mums and sisters here. There are some good ones amongst them and none have been picked out and removed from the litter. We are located in North Wales.


The one on the right with the black patch over it,s left eye seems to be smiling  

An interesting day ahead.
The people who I recently bought my new GOS boar from are making the trek through Bank Holiday traffic to buy one from me.
As well as putting some much needed funds in my pocket, just as importantly, I'm looking forward to them having a look at my other pigs. They're experienced GOS keepers, will the three gilts that I've retained be as good as I think they might be?

I know nowt about pigs….but my Dad said they were the most useful animal on the planet; they'd clear the ground for planting, they'd see off intruders, they eat  up our scraps and keep everything healthy, and we can use every single bit of them for food or leather, that even the pig's last squeak as it dies is caught and put into a wee glass tube….and that's the bubble in the spirit level   He was a joiner come boatbuilder was my Dad.
It was years before I realised that no one else called that bubble bit, "The Pig's Squeak"  

You know your pigs bodger, they know their's ….put the kettle on and you'll all get on fine, I'm sure
Shared interests generally make for good company. You obviously thought enough of their beasts to buy your boar, and if they're coming to buy one of your youngsters, they must feel pretty confident about your stock too.


One lucky GOS escapes the butchers clutches and is off to a new home in Derbyshire.

and did they like your gilts ?

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