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Gooseberry Sawfly

Last year I questioned caterpillars eating gooseberry bushes and 12Bore kindly identified the Sawfly larvae.

They're back  

I have been 'pinging' the bush every time I walk past to try and prevent this. I am now having to inspect closely and squish the little perishers!

They are living in the ground around the bush and breeding there. There are some useful bits of advice from the RHS here to help you cure the ground infestation.

That's the best info I've also found  Christine...
As with many of these beasties they tend to live in the soil.
Other info I've gathered...remove soil 2ft around plant, 1ft deep...Huh!!
You know where that's going..

Other than that and I'm not too sure how old this info is....most of my books are 150 yr old or more.....honest!!

Try spaying with 'Fenitrothion ' or 'Rotenone'........these are still listed to able us to spray most fruit trees, as this pest can attack a number of various fruit trees, including apple...

hope that helps

You can always check whether you can still use sprays on the RHS website DD. It's very good for that. Just put the spray in the search box if you can't be bothered to read all the lists.

That's a good point about moving the soil. Had forgotten that one.

That's actually great news to me because since we moved it has been living in a pot - our soft fruits haven't found permanent homes yet.

Thanks guys  

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