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My old goose died yesterday.  
She was by far the oldest of our stock, she was about 15 years old.
I think she just died of old age as there were no feathers about so not a fox, etc.
Something had had a go at her when I found her (last night when I went to lock them up) but I think it looked like Crow or Magpie damage.

Geese are very long lived and tend to pair for life. At Slimbridge they have swans that have braved the guns for twenty plus years and return every winter.
Will you get some more, they tend to fit in with smallholding life very well.

I still have 1 gander and 4 geese that the old girl lived with.
They seem to miss her, a bit subdued and wandering about the orchard.
Dave C

Very sad, what type of geese are they?

I don't know if they are a specific breed Dave.
They are what I would call white, general purpose, farmyard Geese.
They have done a good job keeping the grass down.
Saved a few gallons of diesel in the tractor and topper.  

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