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Goose problems.

Its not quite a month yet since our six geese arrived and we already have a problem with them. They obviously aren't a set and whats started out as a bit of squabbling between them has developed into something quite a bit more serious.
In the daytime, there's quite a lot of pecking and bullying going on but at night time when they're locked into the pig sty for safety, then that's when there's real carnage.
Blood is being drawn and one of them is looking very much the worse for wear. We gave him temporary respite last night with the use of a sheep hurdle and while I'll make something a little more substantial today, I fear that ultimately one or two of them need to go to pastures new, that's if harmony is to be restored.
It doesn't help that I don't know what I've got.  I've got three adults and three of this years birds. The adults appear to be a goose and two ganders and its these two that are giving each other grief.
I can only guess at the sex of the three younger birds and at what relation the younger ones are to the older ones. I'll have to get something sorted out more permanently ASAP!

Won,t the ganders always fight for top spot

Ours have been a bit tetchy this last few days. They're showing signs of wanting to mate again. I'm hoping this means some autumn eggs!

sexing geese

I'm swopping some of the geese this evening. I've got three going and three coming. Fingers crossed that this sorts the problem out and doesn't end up creating new ones.

The swop has worked superbly and peace and harmony has ensued.  I have three new females and its as if the group have been together for ever. I've taken photos of them but one of our 'clever' sons has messed with the computer settings and we're finding it impossible to down load photos for the time being.

Glad you have got peace and harmony now, Bodger

Will wait patiently for the photos

Welshboy, thanks for the video link, very informative, and funny

  Great news that harmony has been restored

You can't beat a bit of harmony.

We've finally got the photos flowing again. Here's our new sett of geese and as I said, they've settled in really well. They've quickly become great favourites.

The gander thinks he's really landed on his feet with his four young girls. Now fingers crossed for plenty of eggs next spring.

I would love some

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