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Yorkshire Geordie

Good crops this year?

Autumn seems to be descending quickly this year, somehow.
All the fields, trees and hedges are turning autumnal shades of  yellow, browns and russet reds.

Having just returned from a gentle stroll with Mrs YG and Biscuit I remarked that this year's sweet chestnut crop appears to be plentiful..............


and closer ...........


They will probably be ready in a week or two - come September?

We have got conkers appearing on one of the horse cheshnut trees that were grown from conkers from Bodger's aunt's trees.

This is only the 2nd year that it has produced conkers and there are certainly more this year.

At least the birds seem to leave conkers alone - we have watched blackbirds feeding on the apples and a magpie was pinching Mirabelle plums from the tree last week  

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