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Good Bye our big girl

We had a very sad thing happen to-day about 4pm Violet was sitting under the desk and Jean was on this computer I was in living room when Violet gave out a noise and seemed stuck so we got her out but she just kept going around in circles till she ended up in our bedroom where she fell over and was sick after a while she carmed down and seemed asleep but died few minutes later. She was our first ever girl dog 6years old and born in room where this started her mother is still here her father died few years ago  

That is her on floor next to Jean her bother Ted E Bear next to her and mother on couch Meg my working girl on chair

Oh! I am So Sorry... Hugs to you and your Missus and condolences on your sudden loss. She sure was a beautiful girl.

So sorry Sod.  Run free at the bridge beautiful girl x

Sorry to hear that Sod.

Sounds like she went quickly and without pain.

Remember the good times mate.

Sorry to hear that , my thoughts are with you.

How awful. It's never easy to lose a dog
Remember all the good times you had with her and smile.

Aww Sod - what an awful shame! So sorry the lovely Violet has left you.

I'm so very sorry - what a horrible shock for you
She was a beautiful girl - run fast and free, Violet

I'm so sorry to learn that you lost her.  I hope you are soon thinking of her with smiles instead of sadness.

So sorry to hear that sod - what a lovely girl. She'll leave her footprints on your heart - just try and remember the good times, and, as others have said, it seems she didn't suffer.

She looked a lovely lady, run free Violet. So sorry you had to lose her sod, it never gets any easier. Thinking of you.

So sorry to hear your sad news

Sorry to hear that sod

so sorry...thinking of you..she was beautiful..R.I.P big girl

So so sorry.  A sad time.  At least she didnt suffer too long, and died somewhere she knew and felt safe.

Thats horrible. Really bad news mate.
Grandma Bodger

my deepest sympathy for the loss of a lovely dog

So sorry to hear of your loss, my thoughts are with you - it's never easy but in time, the smiles and good memories will come back when thinking of your lost friend x

So sorry to read this, RIP lass, and my sympathies to you and yours.

Sorry to hear that sod

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