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Gone to Rainbow Bridge....

This week we said goodbye to two of our oldies.

They were both 20 years old and were really beginning to struggle.

These last 2 - 3 years, Tia started to suffer badly with her arthritis. It got to the point where 2 'bute a day didn't touch her pain when the ground was rock solid in the summer. I hacked her lightly the last couple of years but in this last month, she really started to go downhill and was diagnosed with the start of Cushings Disease.

Here she is doing what she loved the most...

Ruben was a funny character. An Anglo Arab who was the most grumpiest horse I have ever known, but during his 6 years with us, he began to mellow out and two summer's ago, he was diagnosed with Melanoma, he had polyps up his nose that caused him distress when ridden, so we decided it was time to retire him.

The last few weeks though, he also began to go downhill, not eating his hay, and generally wasn't happy...the prognosis wasn't good so Mr Dingbat arranged it all and it all happened while I was at work, for Tia....I just couldn't face it. I said my goodbyes both last weekend and then again Tuesday evening.

The field is a little emptier, the other horses are a bit lost but are eating so they are doing OK...

It's not quite over just yet though, Pete knows we have to say goodbye to his Shire X in the spring, another one whose arthritis is getting really difficult to manage and he too.....was struggling in the summer months. At 26 years old, he's done well for a 17.2 horse. We are going to rehome the companion pony who shares his paddock before the day arrives, and then we will only have two left, our two riding horses. We won't be getting anymore.

Sometimes I know we did the right thing, other times I just cry.  

This is Ruben -

Grandma Bodger

My thoughts are with you. to have to say goodbye to any pet isa upsetting  but time will heal try to think of the good times and what you would have missed if you had,nt had them  all the best

So sorry. It is a very difficult time, to be sure. My thoughts are with you.

It's horrible to have to make the final decision but there is usually a feeling of relief that you have done the right thing.
Just keep looking back on the memories you have.

So sorry to hear this but you know you made the right decisions and did what was best so they did not suffer - you will have wonderful memories from happier times so take comfort from them.
Yorkshire Geordie

So sorry for you, I know how it feels.
Time cures most ailments. Remembering the good times helps tremendously.

I could never be sorry, simply because of all the memories.

Thank you for sharing yours...
Dave C

Such a sad difficult time for you


Sorry for you but as said you have a lot of memories and photos but it is still  hard

Such a sad time for you both, but the decision was the right one for Tia and Ruben. Sending hugs your way xx


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