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Doodle has a cold water fish tank and only one goldfish remaining so she popped into a large pet store to replenish the tank. She chose 2 cold water fish from seperate tanks but the assistant would not sell them to her.....................the reason why?.....

.........they are in different tanks because they swim at different speeds and would traumatise one another if put together  

...........she then tried for one fish but by then the assistant had decided that if she only had one fish in her tank then perhaps the tank was only meant to support one fish

...........Doodle gave up at this point

I can vouch for this being a true story.

These"x sperts" get right up my nose too.

Oh how i love these tales , honest i love reading these , i often wonder if at any time some of these people actually feel the penny going down the slot and realizing just how stupid they are ?
A BIG THANKS      for making my morning.

Imagine all the traumatised fish in the sea  

I was looking for an emoticon that has you spluttering yor cuppa over the computer....but ya don't have one, so you will have to imagine me cleaning my keyboard.  

I am so glad that was not drinking when I read that, but somehow I'm not surprised...

Unbelievably believable    

I wonder how many fish the shop actually sells???


What a load of twaddle

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