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Gold Duckwing Welsummer


Young cockerel:

P.O.L pullet:

Showing the contrast between the partridge colouring and the silver colouring in the young chicks. In a hatch 50% of the chicks will be of one colour 50% of the other


I think that colour wise, the Welsummer DW cocks take some beating but that the Partridge hens knock spots off the DW females.

I think I agree, although at the moment the Partridge hens are so sun bleached it's a job to tell them apart at a distance.

Love the colour  
Dave C

Excellent looking Cockeral Sandra

Maybe looking to increase my Welsummers this next year, think i will look into the Duckwings they are a stunning looking bird, are there egg / laying any different from other Welsummer types?

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