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Going the whole hog?

The whole hog?
What is it they say? Save rare breed pigs eat one today?
I sold some weaners yesterday and the person that I sold them to, gave me the semblance of an idea.
They'd bought something along the lines of a portacabin on wheels and then converted it into a white room for butchering their own meat. The EHO had passed it as being suitable for butchery and because it was on wheels and very mobile, they hadn't had to apply for planning permission. As soon as they'd told me about it, I thought to myself, now that's a good idea and I've been giving it some serious thought ever since.

I've already got quite a bit of stainless steel furniture around the place from our cider making, so if I did decide to go ahead with something along these lines, then I'd already have a bit of a start. I'm not quite sure what style or dimensions their unit was but I don't think that it was overly expensive.

As to the conversion, there would obviously have to be the basics, such as power points, sinks and geysers etc, plus fridges. I'm not sure what else I might need. Any ideas? of course,the flooring and the walls would also have to be altered to comply with EHO requirements.

Has anyone done anything like this or perhaps considered doing it?

I have butchered a pig before but my attempt, while it was OK for our own home use, but my technique would need a bit of refining before I'd feel confident to sell my efforts to the public. I feel a course coming on.

If I was to go ahead with my idea successfully, then I see there being a number of advantages and a few disadvantages.

On the plus side, I would be able to prepare my whole and half pigs exactly to my customers requirements and not that I have any doubts but I would also be confident that all the cuts of meat were coming back from the slaughterhouse.

When I say butchering, just to make things clear, I don't mean slaughtering, I'd be coming back home with half pigs that needed cutting up.
There would be a small amount of waste of course and I'm wondering what I'd have to do with it so as to comply with regulations? Could I get away with feeding it to our dogs do you think?
A friendly local go ahead butcher would probably be a better option but as yet, I haven't been able to find one.
If I'm honest, although this seems at first glance to be an idea with merit, I find the thought of coming home with half a dozen pigs to butcher extremely daunting. Unfortunately, the nearest slaughterhouse is two hours away and these are the numbers I'd need to be dealing with to make each journey worth while.

Apologies for my meanderings, any input would be much appreciated.

I woild suspect you would need a big fridge or cld store in there to keep the halves in.
Also you say you will be fitting sinks and plumbing but also having i mobile,  that will give some problems of connecting water and drainage i would of thought.

Their EHO was happy for them to collect the waste water and then for them to put it into the main sewer. I suppose that if you're only dealing with a small quantity then that would be fine.

Are you able to see their set up before you do anything so it gives you some idea what you would need

Don't under estimate how much storage space you need for six carcasses, either hanging or butchered. Also don't underestimate the amount of waste you'll have from cutting six carcasses. Or the time you'll need to do it all, or the sheer physical work involved. Six pigs to cut in one go is a lot of work.

If you're having them killed elsewhere and just having the carcase back there shouldn't be much intestinal waste or blood. Just have the liver's back. The waste you produce bone and fat, some can be sausage, scratchings and the bone can be burnt I would have thought. Or render the fat for dripping, folk round here go mad for it. Yes it will be a lot of work so some sort of production line would be good get the main cuts done, get Mrs Bodger packing with sticky labels and save the faff till the end sausaging and scratching etc.
I'm just thinking out loud here rather than presenting any real answer, but I cut a biggish pig up a year or two back (didn't realise butchers don't cut near Christmas) and she took me about an hour and a half. The first side wasn't pretty but once I calmed down the second wasn't bad at all, to the point I started enjoying myself with rolled belly joints and boned out shoulder joints. You could get some cheap upright fridges to hang halves in and chest freezers for storage. It'd be nice to have a scale with a printer for labels and a vac packer but small steps.
I'd say have a go what you got to lose.
And the idea of a mobile white room is brilliant, someone I know has just bought a trailer which would be ideal,  

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