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Fey Dunnabitt

GM EU vote on May 7th.

Quoted from:

"An important vote on GMOs is due to take place on May 7 in Brussels. The agro-chemical industry wants EU permission to grow pesticide-producing maize plants and a GM potato that contains an antibiotic resistant gene. We want EU Commissioners to say "No!" when they discuss the applications and vote them. Please email Commissioners directly.

How this works:

Please use your own email program (like Outlook or Hotmail or Gmail) to write a new mail. You can use our list of points below to help write the message. We can track the progress of this action if you also write to us at " "

Send the email to your country's European Commissioner, or as many of them as you like.

Tip: The more local and personalised the message, the more effective it is likely to be. So think globally, and email locally! Feel free to write in your own language too.

Points you could make in your email:

The two maize varieties that will be debated on 7 May produce their own pesticide. According to current practices these crops were only tested for 90 days for health effects whereas pesticides are tested for 2 years!
The GM potato contains a gene that makes cells resistant to antibiotics! If this were to get released into the environment there could be serious problems in treating diseases, such as tuberculosis.
Recently 37 scientists wrote a letter to the Commission pointing out from a scientific point of view the many gaps and uncertainties in relation to GMOs.
The majority of European citizens oppose the use of GMOs and this opposition has been consistent for the past 10 years.
Industry promotes GM crops as potentially feeding the world, however this has not materialised whilst ecologically sound farming models and methods show real potential. Recently, even the UN admitted that genetically engineered crops are not a solution for poverty, hunger or climate change.
The body responsible for advising the Commission on GMOs, the European Food Safety Agency (EFSA) is not doing its job properly. First of all it has recognized that it lacks the methods for carrying out long term assessment of the health and environmental impacts of GMOs. Secondly, it is relying on incomplete data that is submitted by the agro-chemical industry and it hardly ever checks it properly. "

The commissioners are listed on that page. The U.K. one is
Mr Peter Mandelson, Commissioner for Trade
with a Bcc to:

I may not be able to get out of this handcart, I know I can't stop it or turn it around, but I certainly intend to keep sticking spokes in the wheels all the way. :q52:
Fey Dunnabitt


They voted against!
It's very encouraging when you join in, sending emails and letters and signiong petitions and it actually works.

I put in my tuppence worth so was pleased to hear the outcome!!
Fey Dunnabitt

It's encouraging, isn't it, Freckle? I sign up to all the Greenpeace campaigns, so I get regular emails asking me to do stuff. It's so easy really, just to write a few emails or letters - peanuts, compared with what it's for. I just wish more people would, 'cos if so few can make a difference, imagine what ten times as many could do. But it's easy not to bother, that's the trouble. that's why some successes are so encouraging.
Mind you, most emails for Greepeace that are sent to French companies come back with a receipt, "You email was deleted without being read," so then one has to put it on paper and pay for a stamp. Still worth it, though. AND the EU vote yesterday against allowing the proposed new GMs - another Good Thing.

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