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Gluten free banana loaf

Another use up stuff recipe. This time slightly over ripe bananas.

Healthy, good for you, slow energy release, but pretty high calorie I reckon. Himself and Son2 said it was good (I can't tell, I can't eat bananas) On balance it's pretty low in sugar and fat for a big cake though.

Line/grease a 2lb loaf tin.
Put the oven on to 180 C.

In a big bowl melt 60g of butter, coconut oil or other fat of choice.
Stir in three tablespoonsful of honey and 100g of soft brown sugar. I find the microwave is incredibly useful for this kind of thing. Just use a pyrex bowl and thirty seconds pretty much melts the butter, and another softens the honey and sugar nicely
Into that runny-ish mix stir in 180ml of milk of some variety (I used soya but usually use almond. If you make your own almond milk then just use the ground almonds as the ones for this loaf) and an egg. Beat well. Stir in half a teaspoonful of real vanilla essence.
Mash three ripe bananas and stir those into the mixture too.

Now add in 200g of SR gluten free flour.
3 level teaspoonsful of baking powder,
Half a teaspoonful of salt,
1 level teaspoonful of ground cinnamon
150g of rolled oats
100g of ground almonds.

Stir well, then pour/scrape into loaf tin. Bake in the middle of the oven for an hour. Try it with a skewer, mine takes 1 hour 10minutes, but every oven is different. The loaf doesn't rise massively, but it does rise, and it becomes a beautiful golden colour, and the house smells wonderful

Cool on a rack and restrain yourself from cutting it until it's cold. Otherwise it crumbles (gluten free flour :sigh: ) but when it is cold, it slices beautifully and  is apparantly very good with butter

Easily made vegan for those who don't eat eggs, just use apple puree or ground flax seed, or chia, or egg replacer, or soya flour in 50ml of water, and if it's to be nut free then either use more flour or replace the nuts with ground sunflower or pumpkin seeds.
Adjust to suit your diet really.


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