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Glug, glug glug!

Its that time of the year again. Karens set two wine kits off on the windowsill where I have my laptop. There's a label on the demijons that says Barolo, so I'm guessing that thats what it is. When the house is quiet and the fridges are resting, I find the constant and rhythmic glug, glug glug quite relaxing. We're only amateurs at wine making but damned professional at drinking it, what have you got burbling away?

Oooh, me likey Barolo, lots.
I may have to try this.

were those the kits from Wilkinsons, Bodger? If so how easy are they as I am going to be going onto civlisation(although to look at the people you wouldn't think so) tomorrow and may call in to get some  

Kaz got them off the internet, When she gets back, I'll get her to post the link

I got them from an internet home brew store but I think that they are the same ones that you can get in Wilkinsons.
The Barolo is one of the Connoisseur series and the Blackberry is one of the budget range.
They are both bubbling furiously and the whole of the room smells like a pub

hmmm some interesting kits out there.. I may just have to try one (or two) The other advantage is no visit to town  
maine moose

At the moment got a few diffrent sorts on the go 2 demijohns of blackcurrent,some gorse but the one I am intrested in is oak leaf it was a funny one to brew so will keep you posted its getting ready to bottle will put a photo and reivew up, though I seem to think that C.J.J. BERRY said leave it a year before drinking anyone any thoughts

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