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Glow sticks

If you like to do a little night, or sea fishing, and your local Lidl's has the packets of 50 glow sticks for 2.99 in stock; buy them!

I bought a packet on Friday in anticipation of the odd night session or two this coming season and could not resist trying one out at home yesterday.

The sticks are about 3 cm long, by 0.5 cm in diameter, and give out a bright glow that can be clearly seen up to about 40 meters for over 10 hours each. I even put it into the freezer over night to see if it can be used again. This morning after taking about 20 minutes to thaw out, the stick is glowing brightly again, and has been for the last 2 hours.

These cheap glow sticks with an illumination usage of over 12 hours each are outstanding value  for money at 2.99 for a packet of 50.

good tip, thanks
loopy lou

thats not a bad price

i usually get mine from poundland - my top camping tip when you have children with you is

give the kids glowsticks at dusk - they then all end up wearing necklaces and bracelets which they like

when they are not at the tent you can spot them and if you can remember their colours you can even sort out who is who. this allows the kids a bit of freedom and lets me see where they are


I can vouch for the Lidls product.
Great for fishing, better for the kids.

Being I'm guilty of pulling practical jokes glow sticks are also wonderful tools for this weakness.  If you can get your hands on a large balloon, insert the stick into the balloon and fill with helium and set free at night.  Preferably when people are out and about.  Here, the 4th of July is wonderful.  Some would say it would explain ya'lls crop circles.

I have just looked in the cupboard; the darn glow stick is still glowing brightly. That's 10 hours yesterday, and a little over 6 hours so far today I am now starting to wonder if it'll make it to 24 hours.
loopy lou


sounds to me like you need a three man catapult

some water balloons and glowsticks

makes for a good laugh


I am now officially impressed, as my cheap glow stick has lasted 11 hours today and is still glowing brightly. It has now been popped back into the freezer again.
loopy lou

they certainly work longer than the poundshop ones


I'll be getting some.

Thanks for the tip off Gareth, I bought some last year,they are brilliant.Hope they still have some in stock.

I managed to buy two packets from the Bangor Aldi this evening.

I brought some from Lidl last year in a lure/hook set - excellent. Also useful stuck on little black patterdales when walking on dark winter evenings  

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