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Gleaning ?

I found this article to be of interest, I hope that you do to. At the moment the scheme is just a drop in the ocean but I think that the concept definitely has merit,
I used to have a friendly farmer who allowed me to pick the reject carrots from his fields to feed to our livestock.

we glean the broccoli or potato fields.  We are never asked, but hust go in after the machines are finished.

We have been asked to glean potatoes, grapes and various other fruits, several times over the years. I love doing it too

Wish we got some happening around here  

I do it all the time! Onions,carrots parsnips,potatoes so far this year. They are only ploughed back in so why waste?

This was a subject on farming today this morning and the farmer's answer to why the waste wa ploughed in was - it rots down and fertalises the ground. Personally I would pick them up  

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