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Ginger Beer Kit.

While we were down at the Ludlow Medieval Christmas Fair over the weekend, I simply couldn't resist paying the princely sum of 2.85p for this DIY ginger beer kit.

The kit has enough ingredients to make ten litres of ginger beer and the instructions are so simple, that even I might be able to follow them.

This is what you get for your money. You simply need to add your own sugar and lemon juice.

I made enough up this afternoon to make two litres and there's load of the mix left. Does anyone fancy coming up with a nifty design for a label for me?    
We've got loads of bottles and caps from out apple juice enterprise, so as long as the gb turns out OK, we should be able to make quite a presentable product. With this years apple shortage having had such a serious effect on our output, having a second string to our bow could be something that would come in really handy.


If I'd known, I would have sent to you completely free of charge some of my dried and vac packed ginger beer starter.

Pilsbury & I conducted this little experiment last year and I still have one packet left.

For about 3 you could have made 10 litres of  your own ginger beer, and before you go on about yours only costing 2.85 ..... your still going to have buy at least 2 or 3 KG of sugar to add to it.

This is the only real way to make ginger beer

You seem a little excited Gazzer. Don't worry, if this stuff turns out to be presentable, then I'll be tapping you up for info for all I'm worth. Now where did I put that recipe for Tizer?

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