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Ginger Beer Help

Help I have started a ginger Beer Plant but it has formed a scum on top do I skim it off stir it in or throw it away.
I am feeding it daily with sugar and ginger at first I stirred it in but for the last couple of days I stopped stirring and the scum has formed.
could the scum be the plant?
thanks Tim

Did you use boiled and then cooled water when you originally made the starter?

Most of the water in Nottinghamshire is hard, and along with the normal chemicals that are added such as chlorine and fluoride, etc. can cause scum during home brewing processes.

All is not lost

Boil and cool some tap water. Drain the liquid from your starter, add the water, feed with some more grated ginger, and sugar, then continue feeding daily as normal.

However, it may take 3-4 days for the GB starter to become fully active again, or as Lois has just commented to me "bdooly manic, and a danger to all men and beasts." .

Thanks Gareth
I just used tap water so I will do as you suggest

Any progress?

I was just wondering if you have managed to overcome the scum forming on the Ginger beer plant.

slight scum formed but is now bubbling decided to use a demijohn with airlock thingy nearly had a heart attack when in the early hours I came down to get a drink and the airlock blooped thought it was inert

Don't let it brew out into a wine the DJ, but allow it carry on fermenting for a week or so, and then bottle in to fizzy pop bottles and let it continue to ferment in the plastic bottles for another 7-10 days: you'll end up with a very nice tasting, fizzy Ginger Beer that'll run to about 5-6% ABV  definitely giggly, tiddly, pissed and playful stuff

sounds good just have to persuade Alison that Ginger is a drink not a biscuit

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