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Getting Started

Sounds like a daft question on some level, but the idea of fishing has always fascinated me (only as long as I get to eat what I catch - I don't see the fun in putting them back after all that stress) but where does one start.

None of my family or friends fish and I don't havethe foggiest. IS there anywhere to find out about free lessons or would some sort of 'idiots guide' book give me some rudimentary knowledge to go armed with first?

Suggestions would be most welcome!  

I would suggest that you find some one to take you to the local course fishing pond. You are definatley going to catch and your friend will show how to tie hooks, floats and set weights as well as casting.

As for a book, I would recommend the complete guide to fishing skills by tony sheldon ISBN:1-84188-167-8

Failing that you are welcome to pop round and I'll take you personally on a tour of course, carp, fly and saltwater fishing (including wild salmon).

BigPhil not sure when next time I am going to have holiday time to get home over the border and sneak off to go fishing - but that offer would be gratefully accepted in the future if you take rainchecks!!!  

I will check out where I can get the book - Amazon me thinks if I can't find it on the fishing stands at the Great Yorkshire Show in 6 weeks.

Thanks I will try to fins out about the local course fishing ponds and see if they have people who will introduce beginners to the basics  

Otherwise I promise to make Ayrshire a plan in the future  

Phil  Eschra wants to eat the fish she catches.

The principals of sea fishing are so very simple but at the same time, the inns and outs of it are tricky to explain. Its much simpler to have someone to show you the ropes.
If you are ever down our way on holiday, I'd be pleased to show you how. Before any of my friends on here get in first, I must point out that when it comes to having blank days fishing, I'm only second to Gareth.
The public libraries normally have very good sections on sea fishing.

Fairs fair to Bigphil Bodger while learning to fish I  accept I may have to learn in places where I have to put the fish back!! And the opportunity to get home to Scotland is the big lure  

However sounds like there is going to be several opportunities to learn - catching something and eating it will be the bonus (I will probably also have to learn how to gut and bone too - I have been spoilt despite living near the seaside as a child becuase our fishmonger always did it for my mum!)

Have promised Danndans that Polidori and I will come visit sometime in next year if someone can take pity and ferry us and our kit from the train station. So may have opportunity then for fishing lesson too!!

This should take care of preparing your catch for you.


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