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Getting ready

Sitting her in me skiddies and a T-shirt, while the sun beats down at 38.6 degrees, with a very cold Weston's Old Rosie, well I've had 3 and this is my fourth.

Strange thoughts suddenly sprang into my head, what about the winter brews, haven't done any this year as yet, so I went to the booze cupboard and pulled out a bottle of white rum, and 3 bottles of cheapo whisky.

I ended up using a brew given to me by a wee Aussie friend called 40/40 whisky, coffee beans, oranges and sugar.

Then one I knocked up myself last year and it went down rather well call "Barbsky" whisky, rhubarb, ginger, vanillia and sugar.

Then as I had some rubarb juice left over, I made a mix of rhubarb juice and rum, added vanillia, sugar. It will be interesting to see how this one turns out.

Anyone got a good name for this one other than "blodoy disgusting" :q27:

Should all be ready around mid november, with a few tasters along the way, just to see how they are coming along you understand.


The one on the left should be called Goolies!

That cloudy Rosey is rocket fuel. I used to drink a lot of it but three or four years ago they suddenly started making it a lot sweeter and I can't drink it anymore.

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