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Getting another lathe in the morning!

Hi all

On another forum, a member was after a woodworking lathe and had a metal cutting lathe to swap..

The lathe he has is a Granville Senior, apparently a copy of a Myford 7/Super 7, parts from the Myford can be used with the Granville..

Anyhow, I contacted the chap as I have a Record three speed wood turning lathe along with a full set of chisels and a set of Wood chucks too.

He was happy with that as a trade so i'm meeting him in Derby tomorrow morning at 10 to make the trade  

The Granville (being used to turn wooden spindles in the pics!!)

Some tooling that comes with the lathe..

The Record lathe that i'm swapping was used once by the original owner, he decided that wood turning wasn't for him when there was wood dust everywhere    so I bought the lathe and set of new Marples chisels at a reasonable price  

I acquired the chuckset from a mate at work who's uncle was an important bloke at Record tools..


Can't wait to get it tomorrow  

Cheers, John  

great for both of you I would love them both they look great


Nice lathes. What are you going to do with the metal lathe?

Hi Ewal

I like messing with airguns, hopefully I can make parts, crown and maybe thread muzzles for moderators as well as other stuff too..

I already have a lathe but it's so old it has flat belts and cone pulleys, there's wear on the bed so parallel turning is a nightmare..

The Granville has a 5/8" bore through the spindle whereas the of Faircut has much less (around 7/16") and only thin barrels from pre charged will pass through..

here's a power adjuster that I made on my old Faircut for a Crosman 2250, I also made a bolt and a moderator adapter too..

The power adjuster (puts more pressure on the hammer spring so it knocks the valve open further and lets more gas out for a more powerful shot)..

I had a moderator that was too large on the bore to fit the 10mm barrel on the Ratty so I made a bronze adapter that fitted in to the mod and the barrel fitted in to it..

I made the brass bolt on the top rifle as the steel breech that I bought didn't come with one..

I have the Granville in the garage now, none of my two lads were around to give me a lift out of the car with it so I removed it myself! Don't know how I managed it as it seemed like it weighed a ton!!!

in the back of my little Honda Civic..

Cheers, John  

metal cutting

Hello Jonbaz, very nice. My first lathe was an old flat belt drive Colchester, I bought it & sat looking at it for a fortnight before I dare do anything but I did manage to build my first engine with it including all the small brass fittings. I scrapped it & got a good Colchester Student & a Myford 7, much better. Re air rifles I was supposed to make my brother a new sight for his BSA 22 8 years ago but he has been dead 3 years & I still have'nt done it.

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