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Get Rid Of Damp...


Richies chest has been playing up badly lately (he has asthma) normally its ok with his med's but now he's having problems    Our bedroom feel's "Damp" you know in the air and we've woken up with the top of the duvet "Damp" couldnt explaine it our clothes too. Ive just moved the bed back from the wall and found this:-

Our Landlords pretty spot on when  it comes to maintenance thanks god's but I hope we wont have to move out for abit  the wall is very  "Damp" I think it must be the spores triggering Riches chest off anyone know anythink about washing the spores off etc until this problems fixed ?

I have a problem with mould in the bathroom as OH spends an hour a day in the shower (Don't ask!   ) and have tried several ways to get rid. (Of the mould that is- I'm still wondering how I get rid of him!!    )

One of my colleagues at work says she uses undiluted bleach to clean areas like this, and apparently doesn't take the paint off! I'm yet to try, but will be having a go in the next few days to see if it works!

also.... I used to have a dehumidifier in my flat as that used to get loads of condensation! It worked a treat and really helped dry the place up. Might be worth investing in one?
green man

This mould is something that occurs in any home where the air is moist and not ventilated sufficiently best not to have any furniture close to the walls, open windows on dry days, and avoid drying washing in your house, always ventilate well when cooking or bathing, a modern dehumidifier on 24/7 is the answer, plus external wall power ventilators.
B & Q do some good deals now and then.

Use bleach on the wall and a dehumidfier!

Thanks for that info  
When we moved in because of the "damp" feeling in the room we talked about getting a dehumidifier will do now.

Its a bugger really cos I want to try the bleach idea now as well but can't really until the landlord see's the problem I guess. So that's Rich on the sofa tonight  

I was taking care of dogs for people who were on holiday.  There was a bad leak into their basement, which was very nicely finished into a room where they watched TV, it had bookshelves, billiards table, a bathroom, etc.  I mopped up and turned on the dehumidifier.  I was astounded to see how much water that thing pulled from the air.  I had to empty the reservoir twice a day.

Ive never had this problem in my old house before, we are in a  bungalow now (well more like wall papered hotel rooms, wich they were   )
Gonna get a  dehumidifier asap    Ive herd in the past people useing them and had no bad reports to date  

We have dehumidiies running 24/7 (they switch off when the humidity is 'normal') and bleach does work to kill off black patches. )I'm glad we're not the only ones with a mouldy house   )

kaz wrote:
We have dehumidiies running 24/7 (they switch off when the humidity is 'normal')

So do we, all year round more or less  

Us too!! you are not alone...we live in a house made of clay lump which is very porous. Apart from the dehumdifier which gets gallons out we put mini dehumidifiers containing salt or some sort of crystal gel that absorbs water in our wardrobes and kitchen cupboards. I get mine from a pound shop but you can buy them on e-bay or from camping shops. they wont cure your mouldy bed wall problem though - thats a bleach and dehumidifier job i'm afraid. Think living in wet Wales dosent help!! Love Lizzie
green man

In defence of your land lord, really well sealed homes that are not ventilated are a common source of mildew warm  moist air is the problem and condensation on relatively cold walls-  the wall that is covered by furniture never reaches the ambient room temperature, but moisture from the air does  get there and still moist air equals mildew. Old houses that are draughty are seldom a source of mildew because they are naturally ventilated and the ambient temperature is lower because of the draughts. Failing defects in the weather shielding- you are responsible for the moisture in your home.  

Parts of my house are 250 years old, and black patches on the walls here are a way of life!
I got a dehumidifier on Kaz's recommendation, and it works a treat. Amazing how much water it collects.
It's all been said really - bleach on the walls (you can get mould/mildew remover but it's just the same as bleach really). Just don't spill any on you or the carpet! I don't have wallpaper - it's easier to wash the walls.
I had the same  problem with black patches behind furniture - just move   it away from the walls so air can circulate.

Richie has my sympathy - I get asthma, and it's definitely mould spores that set mine off, my asthma's normally bad in autumn. I hope he's not allergic to hamster!!!! oh.gif

we moved the bed last night and gave the floor and walls a hammering with the hoover jen insisted we buy one with a hepa filter coz of my crap lungs we left a little oil burner running all night with olbas in it and i slept real well no probs at all .
I,ve always been close to animals and touch wood never had an adverse reaction as far as my asthma is concerned   hoping now we got the spores vacced up and the furniture pulled off the walls things will get better  
Hope i dont get any adverse effects to eric HWA coz i know which one of us jen would get rid of first lol  oh.gif
green man

Just a note of warning Portable gaz heaters are the worst things for pumping moisture into the air they never dry anything out.

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