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Here is George

He obviously did not wipe his paws before jumping all over the couch.

He looks a real character Gary. He's giving you the look :-)

Gorgeous George!!! Looks a lovely lad.

He looks great GWJ - a real character. At least your sofa wipes clean, ours is fabric :-?

Nice to see George all grown up - remember what a little thing he was when you first got him.

Our hound doesn't wipe paws before getting on furniture either (fortunately ours is leather too)!

You can't accuse him of being camera shy ... he has 100% got the model look/pose.

Aw - he looks like a right character.
stir crazy

love george. is he a staffie? they are so adorable, my friend had one called baby. george is a fab name for a pet.

Yep, true game staffy, We called him George because my wife has this fanatical and sometimes quite scary fixation with George Clooney!

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