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Geoff Simpson.....Natrualist,Photographer and Columnist..:O)

Another fantastic Photographer as well as his other dutie's...I love all of his work but there are some absolute belters in here and anyone with an interest in the Natrual world should cast their eyes over the link below

"Photography for me has not changed since it's origin except in it's technical aspects,which for me are not important"

Henri-Cartier Bresson (1908-2004)

I looked at these photos when you first posted them but was called away (to work ) and have only just found them again  It is too difficult to pick a favourite because I keep liking more and more as I go through the slide show

I know Kaz....there's some lovely stuff is'nt there

Phew! Well worth a look and such a variety. I'll return to this link again and again.

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